Charles vs Marathon des Sables: April 2015


Charles Walker vs Marathon de Sables

Illustrious BootCamp Ascot leader Charles Walker is taking on the might of the Marathon des Sables starting on 5th April 2015. Charles will be in good company this year at the 30th annual MdS being joined by Sir Ranulph Fiennes amongst others.

So what is Marathon des Sables (MdS)? Well it ain’t no walk in the park. MdS is ranked as the toughest footrace on earth, and here’s why;

  • 251 km (156 miles)
  • 6 days
  • Day 4 double marathon
  • 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 900+ runners
  • Rationed water
  • Food self-sufficiency


As well as a huge personal challenge (and we all know Charles likes those) he is also using the event to leverage a few quid out of peoples pockets to support a fantastic cause.

Raising cash for Mencap

Mencap wants a world where people with a learning disability gain an equal right to choice opportunity and respect. Support for the families and carers of people with a learning disability is vital to achieving this vision.

Help Charles smash his £5,000 target for Mencap by sponsoring him today securely on-line.

Sponsor Charles

Training for the worlds toughest footrace

So where do you begin for training to take on the inhospitable conditions of the Sahara desert under race conditions? Applying Charles’s usual logic the spare room was promptly re-arranged and space found to fit a 12″ incline running machine and heaters to ramp up the temperature to circa 38 celcius. Hitting the ground hard to rack up the miles in the mud (UK sand simulation) Charles has successfully completed the following events over the past couple of months;

  • parkrun 5kms whilst tyre-dragging
  • Regular half marathon+ afternoon runs wearing 10kg flackjackets
  • Portsmouth Coastal Marathon
  • Thames Valley XCountry 20-miler
  • Greensand Marathon
  • Two Tunnels Marathon
  • Portland Coastal Marathon
  • Pilgrim Challenge – 66 miles in 2 days across the North Downs
  • Many, many more miles before April..


So, dig deep, show your support and Sponsor Charles today to help him raise cash for Mencap.