Meet BootCamper Bronwen…

Meet Bronwen - I love BootCamp Ascot because..the sessions are brilliant, with friendly participants and Charles pushes me out of my comfort zone!

How long have you been coming to BootCamp Ascot?

I’ve been coming to BootCamp Ascot since about June 2011.

How often do you attend a BootCamp Ascot session?

I come to about 6 BootCamp sessions each week!

Why do you choose to come to a BootCamp session rather than go to your local gym?

I like exercising in the fresh air and not in a stuffy gym.

What do you feel you have achieved since coming to BootCamp Ascot?

I have lost 15 kg and no longer require medication for diabetes. I have dropped 3 dress sizes and feel fitter and far more confident. I have run the Saturday 5k Parkrun three times with a best time of 37 minutes and have completed the Brutal 10k run once and already signed up for the next one!

I also won the BootCamp Ascot Body Transformation Award 2012!

What are your long-term fitness aims and goals?

To lose more weight, run a 10k cross-country race, and try out any other challenges that are thrown at me.