Meet BootCamper John…

Meet John - I love BootCamp Ascot because..Charles is a fantastic fitness mentor and the classes are varied and great fun.

How long have you been coming to BootCamp Ascot?

I started coming to BootCamp Ascot in April 2011.

How often do you attend a BootCamp Ascot session?

I go to at least 2 sessions a week.

Why do you choose to come to a BootCamp session rather than go to your local gym?

Charles is a fantastic coach and the classes are great fun, whilst being varied & interesting too. My favourite classes are the outdoor sessions (StreetCamp at 5.30am Tuesday mornings, and the 6.30am Saturday morning session at The Racecourse).

I’ve been to the gym in the past which bored the pants off me to be honest. I much prefer exercising outside, as the variety of exercises is almost unlimited compared with using gym equipment.

What do you feel you have achieved since coming to BootCamp Ascot?

I’m super-fit compared to when I started and I have achieved significant weight loss.

Charles gently encourages me to attend long-distance running events (eg. 5k, 10k) and various other extra-curricular challenges, which I’m happy to take part in, and do reasonably well at now, due to the improved fitness. Although I don’t weigh myself as a rule, I have dropped at least one size from XL to L & can even fit in to quite a lot of M size clothes too.

Before BootCamp I never really thought much about exercise or what I ate, whereas now I appreciate the benefit that being fitter brings, so generally eat less than before.

I’m also really proud to have won the BootCamp Ascot Male BootCamper Award 2012!

What are your long-term fitness aims and goals?

I aim to get fitter still and will monitor fitness levels via improved times of 10k & 5k runs. I’d also like to lose a few more pounds and get into medium size clothes on a permanent basis.