Meet BootCamper Kyra…

Meet Kyra - I love BootCamp because.. of the team spirit and Charles’ amazing motivation. I can now also get into size 10 jeans again!

How long have you been coming to BootCamp Ascot?

I’ve been coming to BootCamp Ascot classes since about July 2010.

How often do you attend a BootCamp Ascot session?

3 sessions a week.

Why do you choose to come to a BootCamp session rather than go to your local gym?

I found the gym unfriendly & aerobics classes monotonous. After a month I wanted to give up. I was looking for something different, something that would keep me interested. Then I found BootCamp Ascot – it has such a variety of classes. I find that, even though I am busy, there is always a class to fit in with my schedule. I have also found the camaraderie of the group to be amazing, which only adds to the experience and my motivation.

What do you feel you have achieved since coming to BootCamp Ascot?

I hadn’t done any exercise for years and wanted to get back in shape after having two children. I have lost over a stone and I have reached a level of fitness I never thought I could ever achieve. I am enjoying my new-found fitness so much, that I have entered some races – something I never thought I would do in a million years!

I also won the BootCamp Ascot Female BootCamper Award 2012!

What are your long-term fitness aims and goals?

I have entered the Brutal 10k race in March, at Windmill Hill Frimley; then maybe a half-marathon and then who knows! Main thing is to keep enjoying myself.