Meet BootCamper Moira…

Meet Moira - I love BootCamp because.. no traditional gym makes me laugh as much whilst I'm working out and gives amazing results!

How long have you been coming to BootCamp Ascot?

Been at it for about 9 months, started just on Sundays and over time picked up a bunch of sessions.

How often do you attend a BootCamp Ascot session?

Varies between a basic once-a-week on the weekend, to multiple sessions during the week too; that’s the beauty – I can do as much or as little as I want depending on my travel schedule.

Why do you choose to come to a BootCamp session rather than go to your local gym?

BootCamp presents a slightly different challenge every week, unpredictable, as competitive as you want for it to be (and I do!)… focuses the mind and keeps the interest going, as it's never the same twice; unlike the gym which gets pretty tedious pretty quickly. Also unlike the gym, working out outside gets me a bit of fresh air rather than working out next to the smelly sweaty guy I inevitably end up with on the treadmill next to me at the gym!

Having a coach who's always up for tailoring things to individual needs and is barking mad (sorry Charles) really helps… and the mixed bag of "campers" makes for some great social interaction, fun banter and a lot of laughs… usually as I fall flat on my face in the mud! Love it, better than a nice clean, antiseptic (and frankly, antisocial) gym any day of the week.

What do you feel you have achieved since coming to BootCamp Ascot?

Made some great friends…. and whilst I was pretty fit before, the variety has added an edge to that… and after all that core work, I finally have that six-pack I always wanted… and I’m not talking beer!!

What are your long-term fitness aims and goals?

Being so competitive, I always want to go a little faster and a little longer… but having had multiple knee surgeries over the last 12 months and having to give up the half marathon trail, I simply want to find something else that keeps me fit, gets me breaking sweat and still enjoying it.