Meet BootCamper Rob…

Meet Rob - I love BootCamp because.. I love getting fresh air and exercising in friendly company.

How long have you been coming to BootCamp Ascot?

I think the first session I came to was in 2007, but that was before Charles branched out into outdoor sessions. I have been attending several times per week since the outdoor BootCamp sessions started in 2010.

How often do you attend a BootCamp Ascot session?

Usually 3-4 times a week. I really enjoy the Sunday morning, Tuesday and Wednesday evening sessions, and if I can I’ll come to one of the others too.

Why do you choose to come to a BootCamp session rather than go to your local gym?

I’ve been a member of several gyms over the years, but I’ve always lost interest after a few weeks or months. But BootCamp Ascot is different. No two sessions are exactly the same, as Charles is such an imaginative and creative trainer. Also most of them are out in the fresh air, which I prefer. But I think the main difference is the friendliness of all the other BootCampers. You gradually realise you’ve made new friends, and I like the fact that we’re all different ages, abilities, shapes and sizes (over time our shapes and sizes have all been moving in the right direction; unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about our ages).

What do you feel you have achieved since coming to BootCamp Ascot?

In the past I damaged various joints with too much long-distance running, so BootCamp Ascot was my way back into exercise after an enforced lay-off of several years. Once I realised that running wasn’t the only fun way of exercising, BCA allowed me to regain a reasonable level of fitness. To be honest though, I’d probably do it even if there weren’t any fitness benefits – I love it!

I also won the BootCamp Ascot Bard Award 2012 for my literary words of wisdom!

What are your long-term fitness aims and goals?

My belly is slowly reducing in size… it would be great to get rid of it completely. But also I’d just like to keep going. I recognise that I’m middle-aged, but that doesn’t mean I have to slow down.