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We pride ourselves on having a wide range of ages, abilities, professions and backgrounds that attend BootCamp Ascot, united in a common love for exercise and enjoyment of keeping fit.

We would love you to come along, laugh and chat with other BootCampers in the friendliest, most welcoming fitness environments you'll find in the area.

Find out below how you can get involved with the BootCamp Ascot Community.

We would love to notify you of exciting things that are happening at BootCamp Ascot, such as fitness tips, new classes and more!
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On December 15th 2012 BootCamp Ascot held its Christmas Party and Award Ceremony. Read more about this and see who won the top awards here!

  • BootCamp Ascot Events

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    We encourage teamwork and participation and have some keen joggers, 5k, 10k, marathon runners, triathletes and mountain-bikers in the group, along with some who prefer more gruelling trail and obstacle events like "Tough Guy". Feel free to join us in these events as part of Team BootCamp Ascot. Click on an event below to join in on Facebook.